Youtech, U.S. (Unitech) Inc.

Mountain View, CA

Client: Polyvore

Youtech, a Zhuhai, China based company specializing in producing controls & power systems for large power plants, approached us for help in establishing their first U.S. presence. Much of their initial work here will be sales and providing their brand to American interests. 


Our take was to first identify them as a brand and secondly to show exactly what they produce. From the street their presence is demonstrated through the use of display graphics against the large glass windows, and further in the reception area different types of display modules showcase their work. Actual physical parts are also exhibited by the waiting area and stairs leading up to sales and conference room  on the second floor.


The customed free standing ‘unistrut’ separators along with the display systems aimed to maintain the power grid vernacular. This helps to provoke a tech experience that’s relevant to the industrial environment that the business entails, but at the same time softened with the use of material colors and transparency.