Pangilinan Dental

Daly City CA

Client: Pangilinan Dental

After practicing for 10 years in a shared space with another dentist, the client was looking for a small, efficient private office that is contemporarily functional. We saw that as an opportunity to bring a fresher attitude to a dental office experience - both for the employees and the patients. 


The different spaces: reception, waiting, consultation, operatories, office, lab, and other amenities were zoned and allocated to maintain privacy and at the same time, ease of access between them. This results in a design that exploits different pockets of use for space efficiency that is also coherent. For example, the waiting, reception and consultation areas are clustered in and out of one folded surface element.


We introduce a plant wall at the waiting area to soften the dull atmosphere that one usually experiences at a dental office. The graphics and lighting play on the idea of an xray viewing light box that dentists often work with. 


The operatories have hints of what’s happening around the office in terms of design, but maintain an operational space that pays close attention to lighting and material colors.