Bayer Corp. Central Service Building

Berkeley, CA

Client: Bayer Corperation

This multi-use 46,000 square foot, three-story Central Services Building serves 1,200 employees. At the first floor is a cafeteria with related outdoor spaces, an on-ste ATM, convenience store, and medical clinic. Above the cafeteria are two floors of office space for general administrative use. because the site for this building is centrally located within the Bayer property and is easily accessible from the laboratory and production buildings, it has become a social focal point for the employees. There is a plaza with an artist's fountain that serves as a common entry to the cafeteria, the separate lobby for the offices above, and a two-story existing office building. Outdoor dining areas in full sun and under vine covered trellises are provided. Painted metal suncreens provide environmental control for the offices.