Hard Rock Hotel

Atlanta, GA

Client: Hard Rock Corp.

Our fi rm was part of a multi-disciplinary team for the architectural design of the Atlanta Hard Rock Hotel and Residences in Atlanta, Georgia. A creative and intelligent design includes positioning a restaurant row towards the main street with light retail to complete a bustling pedestrian experience. The hotel residence has two main entrances with 

one leads to a museum below, with a Hard Rock Shop. The other entrance is multi-story and has the signature restaurant, hotel lobby, as well as urban vehicle access. State-of-the-arts meeting rooms are located on lower fl oors. Other hotel amenities such as an executive health club will take advantage of the height of the building. The residents have private and secure access from below grade parking and street level entries. The contemporary glass building rises above the city on the most notable ridgeline of a major thoroughfare, which, together with CNN Center and Coca-Cola headquarter becomes a conglomerated, modern icon for the 1996 Olympics city