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Feasibility Study

We offer feasibility studies for two primary reasons:


1) narrow down the scope of work for your budgeting purposes, and

2) research on applicable planning/building code requirement.  


This is especially useful when you have lots of ideas, but not sure which one to go for either because you don't know which is more cost effective, or which is more time-consuming.


Whatever your uncertainty is, our feasibility study will provide you options and represent you in front of the Planning/Building Departments to ascertain all the code requirements.  The study is to get the ball rolling!


Note that feasibility is a rough estimate of options, where design issues will be addressed in massing studies - which evaluate your project according to size, shape and form (i.e. we won't go into moving which wall to where).  We will measuring the property, establishing existing condition, and create a 3-dimensional computer model for our study.  We usually provide 3 options, and illustrate our solutions graphically, together with a cost estimate for each.

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To begin a project, we will first gather all available existing information such as as-built drawings, property zone and permit history, site survey, assess neighborhood planning constraints, and verify the property dimensions.


We will then set up a project kickoff meeting with you to review the above mentioned documentation, set forth a schedule to proceed on the design phase, and most 

importantly, establish the design intent. This will include addressing programmatic relations inside and out of the property (in other words, how the various spaces will be designed for  specific functions), discovering site opportunities such as utilizing natural light sources and ventilation, and framing of views.


Also in this phase we will begin a Design Book, which is a graphic documentation of our collective design ideas.  Content can range from images that you collected from magazines, research material we found that is pertinent to future design and detailing, etc. Throughout the design phase, we will constantly refer back to this Design Book.  At the end of the project, we will provide a copy for you to keep.

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Schematic Design & Planning submittal

It is important to recognize that our firm began every project with a 3-dimensional computer model, which proves to be immensely valuable in conveying the design idea to you and to building officials.  In this phase, we will pay specific attention to the spatial organization of the property, come up with 3 design options, and model them for you. From these, we will narrow to one, or a combination of the 3, which fits your needs and satisfies the intent established from previous phase.

To avoid delay cause by the planning permitting process, we will submit a set of permit drawing to the Planning Department as soon as we are committed to a certain schematic design.  At the same time, you will also obtain a preliminary construction budget for such design.

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Design Development

Our firm prides ourselves in having multi-design professionals on board.  This facilitates a fully integrated design solution that is beyond skin-deep.  It enables us to provide you a realistic estimate of the project including engineering costs.  We are very aware of balancing your budget with our design, and to minimize unnecessary compromises, we continue to furnish updated budget as we finalize the detailing in later stages.

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Construction documentation & building department submittal

The 3 dimensional computer design model facilitates an understanding of the spatial quality of the design, speeds up the preparation of the construction document and illustrates the special detailing of the project.  The result is a set of drawings prepared in accordance with applicable Building Codes, Energy Codes, and Local Codes.  These drawings are submitted for building permits as well as construction build blue prints.


Clients can choose to submit for permitting themselves, we can complete the process, or we can obtain the services of a permitting specialist.

Bid phase & 

construction administration

We often extend our services beyond design phase into the construction phase.  Our main responsibility is to act as consultants to the construction process, ensuring the construction and quality of the build is consistent with the design.


With a complete set of construction documents and building permit, we are ready to choose the right contractor for your project.  Usually, we submit at least three bid set documents to the potential contractors for their estimates, and provide clarification to any questions arising their bid process.  These clarifications will be issued in addendum format for all bidding parties to share.  While the decision to award the contract is yours, we will advise you which bidder we feel has satisfied the proposal.


Construction Administration is an ongoing service we provide during the building process. A significant amount of design and accommodation to existing or created conditions occurs during the actual construction.  We answer questions, prepare addendums and change orders, and continue to offer advice regarding opportunities that arise and decisions that must be made during construction.  Additionally, we observe the work to insure that it is completed in general conformance with the stipulations of the construction


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