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Phillips Plastics,

Mountain View

Being Phillips’ first major satellite outside of their Wisconsin headquarters, this office looks to bring the company’s culture to a new and more high-tech working environment in Mountain View CA.  We worked with them to propose an active space of efficient flow between programs and at the same time maintain their working culture.


The workspace is centrally located to have direct links to all other operational areas which range from 100% open to the public space to total private working lab and meeting rooms.  Where demanded, we emphasized on creating a private space for confidential work but also created visual connections to other immediate spaces through the use of glass transparency.  For example, employees within the private lab will always have a view to the exhibit wall, work space, and rear entry.  This allows each space to contribute to activating the office as a whole.


Visitors are greeted with a waiting/client informal discussion area that ultimately leads to an exhibit hall.  This hall features a wall of display modules showcasing products created by the company.

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