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San Francisco

A young and high-tech online music company had outgrown their existing working space and was in need of a flexible environment for individual creation as well as team collaboration.  As their clientele and business grew, the company also looked to include additional formal meeting space and social areas for employees. 


The company’s successful, non-hierarchical organization is reinforced as we introduced the conference room with employee’s lounge as the center piece.  The striking yet elegant form, cladded with semi-translucent material, anchors the office space.  


Spiraling out from the structure is a ramp that acts both as circulation for the employees and as a divider for the interior office landscape.  Visitors and potential clients could get a complete 360-degree tour the office by traversing the ramp upwards to the conference room.  Continuing up the ramp, they are delivered to an outdoor terrace garden.  On arrival they enter a sound proof room that levitates above the workspace

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