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Central Park, Zhongshan

We devised a unique shopping experience that provokes a new sense of dimension while maintaining the local shopping habit: park and shops.  Visitors cruise down the digital boulevard while the pedestrians walk above on elevated walkways and bridges. When a shop is spotted to visit, the driver can conveniently turn into an adjacent parking spot and take an escalator to the grade level retail level walkway.  This continuous mix of traffic and pedestrian flow animate the shopping experience. 

Separation without Segregation 

This is not a project with blurred edges but one that the edges are redefined to allow all people to negotiate the site, at the same time residents feel the security of their own space.  Residents and visitors are mixed in retail areas and prescribed zones yet they never feel as though they are “walled out” of the site.  This is accomplished by creating multiple levels that are carefully circumscribed spatially with the landscape.


Multiple Circulation Systems

On the retail side there are two considerations:

1) ease of access

2) a smooth coherent system of delivery


The entire site will provide parking for both the visitor and the resident.  We created a subterranean primary route and a at grade a secondary route to service clientele.  This system models against one at an airport parking organization.

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