Wilbur Chocolate Factory Apartments,

The Wilbur Chocolate Factory Building was an aggregate of over a hundred years of an original Philadelphia Confectioner's expansion.  During its growth, it went from a single free-standing building to five architecturally district buildings that mark the city's history of industrial construction.  As the Old City transformed from an industrial section to a residential/business parti - the factories were revisited as a mixed-use building.  The complex is composed of 135 one-bedroom loft or bi-level floor plans, each equipped with built-in shelves, breakfast bars, balconies, etc.  The residential complex offers contemporary amenities, such as a restaurant on the top floor attains views up the river and beyond to New Jersey, commercial space on the bustling Fourth Street facade and a full fitness center on the ground floor.  The design problem was to unite the five different types into a coherent system of circulation and afford light and air for all the spaces.


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