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San Francisco

The Presidio in San Fransico maintained its urban fortification in regards to the non-urban participatory Cold War.  As a military base it had erected exclusionary barriers, which involutes now under speculation of its future political status.  In our proposal we seek to integrate the Presidio with the city, to break down the former walls leaving an edgeless condition.  It is our goal to erase the military presence of the Presidio and to project the construction of new political institutions.  This work represents the Presidio as an urban strategy, a process in developing the theories of distributed functional space.  This strategy will strip away the artificial (spatial, stationary) artifacts of the past and will propose a use that will encompass its unique immersion in urban, political, recreational, and technological dialogues of the future.  Scope of programs include:


1) Global - cultural, environmental facilities 

2) Local – cultural, educational facilities

3) Health – research center

4) On-going expo (theme park)

5) Housing-related facilities

6) Recreation facilities

7) Transportation services

8) Conservation – natural environment

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