Q-Architecture, Inc. is founded by four licensed professionals in architecture, engineering and landscape architecture. Together we garner altogether a 100-year award-winning portfolio integrating design in the contemporary European flare with North American technical know-how. Our guiding principle is directed towards comprehensive design solutions in the built environment, from the beginning to end of a project regardless of its magnitude. 


In addition to being an incomparable cross-disciplinary practice, Q-Architecture, Inc. provides unique client services, while optimizing operations, without the usual top-down corporate setup. As a client, you are always directly in touch with one of the principals.  Our non-hierarchical project management model streamlines communication between client and design team, maintains design integrity wholly in line with original project goals, and assures overall project design and production quality.


Quality in terms of long-term use, project feasibility, and craftsmanship rarely comes from "patch work."  We firmly believe in an all-inclusive approach to components technically and environmentally oriented as well as user-initiated.