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Noe Valley

The Chattanooga Street residence endeavors to serve as an exemplar of the lengths to which the best practices in remodeling may act as a strategy to re-develop a more sustainable and resilient urban housing stock.  Located in Noe Valley, San Francisco, this remodel completely re-envisioned the circulation and space planning within the existing envelope of a three-story, two-unit family home, turning it into a flex-property to be inhabited as either a single-family or as two.  Thus allowing the property to serve as a savvy investment which responds to changing needs.  This remodel coupled with structural upgrade added significant value and livability to the property through keen sensitivity to contemporary and sustainable design at every scale and throughout the life-cycle of the project.

The architectural objectives of the remodel was to take advantage of the vast pre-existing envelope, building orientation and its open air condition to two sides of the building, which are rare in a dense urban setting.  Each unit has its own appealing and secluded outdoor living space, whether in the case of the lower unit, it presents as a beautifully landscaped rear yard, or in the case of the upper unit, an opportunity to scale up via the floating stairway to the roof garden.  With with unparalleled views of the stunning urban topography, the Chattanooga capitalizes on the assets that make Noe Valley one of the most sought after neighborhood in San Francisco.

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